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The Elephant in the Room, Steven Stamkos!

It seems wrong of me to not talk about the Stamkos rumors. As much as you or I may be sick of them, they keep returning. New reporters and analysts from various websites claim to know what Stamkos is most likely to do next. Sign with Tampa, or be traded to a team who's name just won't go away...the Philadelphia Flyers.

I was speaking with a friend when he brought up his opinion that the Flyers need to sign another free agent. He says to fill the 3rd line, shutdown center role. I disagreed and came up with roster on CapGeek to prove it. http://www.capgeek.com/cap_calculator/roster.php?id=4471 (Click it to see my created roster). When I presented this to him, he said one name..."Stamkos". (I almost hit him because Stamkos doesn't equal a 3rd line center anywhere)

I can't stand to hear any more of these rumors. He is not, I repeat not, coming to Philadelphia. It would cost too much for the Flyers to bring him in. For once, they have cap room going in to the season. I, and most likely all Flyers fans, would like it to stay that way. If we were to wheel and deal to get him, it would just blow up this team even more (Lindros, anyone?). It would, probably, cost one of our best prospects in Schenn or Couturier or Bobrovsky. In reality, I think it would be Bob because with Bryzgalov signing his massive deal, there's no place for him except for on the bench. Tampa also needs some help in the crease after this year with Roloson most likely retiring. I think the writing may be on the wall for the young man known so affectionately in Philly as simply "Bob". The Flyers just signed a capable backup in Jason Bacashihua, so there isn't much room now. The trade would probably also cost the Flyers some very valuable picks and a roster player. One can't help but imagine it being James vanRiemsdyk, the Flyers first round pick in 2007 and developing power forward, or Claude Giroux. Giroux, the Flyers first round pick in 2006 who had his name infamously forgotten by then Flyers GM Bobby Clarke, is just coming off of his breakout season and is budding in to a superstar with Datsyuk-ian abilities. With the Flyers losing close to 15% of their goals and 8.1% of their points with the moves they've made already, I can't imagine a trade for Stamkos helping the Flyers in any way, present or future.

Let's say, hypothetically, that Steve Yzerman was to accept a trade from us that would bring Stamkos here. We'd be getting one of the best player in the game. Plus, he's only 21! He's lead the NHL in goals, 96, for the last two seasons and he's still growing as a player. He became one of Tampa's best players in the Playoffs this year after he found his footing. He's already an established superstar, rivaling Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin for the title of best player in the NHL today. Or, the Flyers tender an offer sheet that both Stamkos and Tampa Bay GM Steve Yzerman accept. Sure, it would cost the Flyers four first round picks, but the concept of a line of vanRiemsdyk-Stamkos-Giroux surely would bring tears of joy to many a Flyers fan's face, including my own. However, this is even more unlikely to happen. Yzerman is a smarter GM than that. He knows what he has in Stamkos, and would likely need more than just four first round picks.

So, what do I think will happen? Sometime in mid-September, Stamkos will resign with Tampa Bay a long term deal, much like Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. However, Tampa will actually keep their most prized player.

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