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NHL 2011-2012 Predictions

One of my favorite things to do before every NHL season is predict how each team is going to finish. Here are my 2011-2012 season predictions and Stanley Cup picks!

By: Charlie Roumeliotis
Twitter: @CRoumeliotis


Atlantic Division                        Northeast Division                      Southeast Division       
1. Pittsburgh Penguins                1. Buffalo Sabres                         1. Washington Capitals
2. New York Rangers                   2. Boston Bruins                          2. Tampa Bay Lightning
3. Philadelphia Flyers                  3. Montreal Canadiens               3. Carolina Hurricanes
4. New Jersey Devils                   4. Toronto Maple Leafs               4. Winnipeg Jets
5. New York Islanders                  5. Ottawa Senators                     5. Florida Panthers

How They'll Finish
1. Pittsburgh Penguins
2. Washington Capitals
3. Buffalo Sabres
4. Boston Bruins
5. Tampa Bay Lightning
6. New York Rangers
7. Philadelphia Flyers
8. Montreal Canadiens

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals
1 Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 8 Montreal Canadiens
2 Washington Capitals OVER 7 Philadelphia Flyers
6 New York Rangers OVER 3 Buffalo Sabres
4 Boston Bruins OVER 5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Eastern Conference Semifinals
1 Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 6 New York Rangers
2 Washington Capitals OVER 4 Boston Bruins

Eastern Conference Finals
2 Washington Capitals OVER 1 Pittsburgh Penguins


Central Division                        Northwest Division                      Pacific Division        
1. Chicago Blackhawks              1. Vancouver Canucks                 1. Los Angeles Kings
2. Detroit Red Wings                   2. Minnesota Wild                          2. San Jose Sharks
3. St. Louis Blues                        3. Colorado Avalanche                  3. Anaheim Ducks
4. Nashville Predators                 4. Edmonton Oilers                       4. Phoenix Coyotes
5. Columbus Blue Jackets          5. Calgary Flames                         5. Dallas Stars

How They'll Finish
1. Chicago Blackhawks
2. Vancouver Canucks
3. Los Angeles Kings
4. San Jose Sharks
5. Detroit Red Wings
6. St. Louis Blues
7. Anaheim Ducks
8. Nashville Predators

Western Conference Quarterfinals
1 Chicago Blackhawks OVER 8 Nashville Predators
7 Anaheim Ducks OVER 2 Vancouver Canucks
3 Los Angeles Kings OVER 6 St. Louis Blues
4 San Jose Sharks OVER 5 Detroit Red Wings

Western Conference Semifinals
1 Chicago Blackhawks OVER 7 Anaheim Ducks
3 Los Angeles Kings OVER 2 San Jose Sharks

Western Conference Finals
3 Los Angeles Kings OVER 1 Chicago Blackhawks

2 Washington Capitals OVER 3 Los Angeles Kings

NHL 2011-2012 Awards
Hart Trophy: Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins
Vezina Trophy: Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers
Norris Trophy: Shea Weber, Nashville Predators
Calder Trophy: Erik Gudbranson, Florida Panthers
Selke Trophy: Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks
Jack Adams Award: Terry Murray, Los Angeles Kings


  1. I agree that St. Louis is gonna find a way in the playoffs this year, they just gotta stay healthy, and hopefully get Perron back. Just one note, Buffalo can't finish 3rd in the conference if they don't win the division, you have Boston winning the division. They should be flip-flopped.

  2. I dont agree with the fact that the Oilers will be better than the flames. I see the flames being middle of the pack in the western conference. Other than a bad couple of months last year, Flames were at the top of the league. Do I expect flames to be getting home ice advantage? Most probably not. Will they compete for a playoff spot? I do believe so. They can end the season anywhere from 5th till 10th in the west.

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  4. @Brandon Hess - Thanks for the correction. My mistake. Kept switching my mind on Buffalo and Boston to win the division so I forgot the other... I like the Sabres to win the division though.

    @FlamesGulati - Flames downgraded and didn't add much, Oilers will surprise a lot of people. Calgary got rid of shut-down defenseman Robyn Regehr who was Kiprusoff's cushion. Turning 35 this month, he just can't carry a 70-game load anymore. They rely too much on him. If he stays healthy and plays 65 games, they might contend. But another thing that weighed heavily in my decision is that I believe Jarome Iginla will be traded by the deadline to a contender. Just my opinion.