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Cammy coming to Calgary

By: Aakash Gulati
Cammy is coming back to town! Flames, as pretty much the entire fanbase will know, re-acquired Michael Cammalleri in a trade that sees Bourque going to Montreal along with Patrick Holland and a 2nd round pick in 2013. Flames in addition to the winger, get Karri Ramo back as well as a 5th round pick in 2012.
What can be made of this deal? When those less than positive remarks were made about Montreal's playing attitude by Cammalleri, a very possible likelihood emerged that saw Gauthier moving Cammy to another team. But a big issue was which team will be wanting to bite on a 50 point getter getting paid 6 million a year? Feaster obliged. Feaster in his interview said and I quote " It’s actually been percolating for some time " so those statements might have been the catalyst to get the deal finalized.

Flames get Michael Cammalleri
When the flames traded for Jokinen at the deadline in 2008, every likelihood pointed towards Cammy leaving through free agency and signing JayBo definitely put a full-stop (Period, for you yankees and canucks)to his tenure in the flaming C. He went on to sign a pretty rich 5 year contract with Les Habitants and became an integral part of the team that always had their sights up (Pun intended). He has had a few subpar regular season collecting 50, 47 points albeit both seasons were shortened by injuries. He did have a good playoff two years back netting 13 goals in 19 games. Not a very big forward, Cammalleri is definitely feisty which can bode well for the Flames.

Flames lose Rene Bourque
Oh Bourque. Our anything but consistent winger. Back to back 27 goal seasons does necessitate a thanks though. When on his game, Rene could be unstoppable and was definitely a key pickup in one of Darryl Sutter's finer offseasons at the helm of the ship. (Same year as he picked up Glencross and Cammy as well as re-signed Giordano from the KHL) But his lazy penalties and inconsistent play needed to change. I liked the guy but the Flames need more consistency which Bourque was pulling up short on.

Patrick Holland
Patrick Holland. Some of you will wonder who? A 7th round draft pick in 2010 by the Flames. This year he is currently in the top 10 in scoring in the WHL and was also an invitee to the World Juniors camp. Projected to make the NHL at some stage, Holland was a valuable prospect for the flames but he is a player who probably will be suited to a 3rd line role and the flames have a few prospects of the same kind. There were rumours swirling about difficult contract talks so that might have played a part in Feaster finding it easier to include him in the deal.

Karri Ramo
The future starter? This 27 year old (edit: He is only 25, thanks tawdge from Flames forum)is not young enough to be considered a prospect. He is more of a FINNISHed product (see what I did there?). He has had a few good seasons in the KHL and Feaster having had a history with Karri, might be interested in him coming in and competing for a role next year, so definitely nothing to complain about there. Puts our goaltending prospects and Kipper on their toes. 27 is a young enough age for a goalie and according to one of the scouts, he is the best goalie in Europe.

Trade to and fro of draft picks.
We lost another 2nd rounder in 2013 and it seems that the Darryl Sutter's mentality of 2nd rounders not having much value for the organization still persists. This points towards Feaster having a mentality of retooling and not neccesarily rebuilding. A positive mentality for the players on the team who want to win now.With a season and a half left till that draft, plenty of time for Feaster to regain a 2nd rounder.

Kings coming to town
One of the big stories of the week was the return of Darryl to Calgary behind the LA bench. Adding in Michael Cammalleri's return and the 3 game winning streak, tonight's game should be helluva entertaining one.
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