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Tragedy & Agendas

Its a sad day as we learn about the passing of NHL tough guy Rick Rypien, what makes this day even more sad is certain members of the media using it as a way to pass on their own agenda. The fact that Rick was a fighter was the reason that he took his own life. These certain media members don't take into account the off ice problems that Rypien faced, they just focus on the fact he was a fighter in the NHL. His off ice problems were brought to life when he took a leave of absence from the Canucks last season. The only thing is the members of the media want to shy away from that and make fighting to be the sole reason that he was having problems. Now it is true fighters face a tremendous amount of pressure. Bob Probert even touched upon it in his recent book, knowing every night you might have to fight that if you lose the fight you could be another loss away from losing your job. That is pressure but that doesn't contribute to other off ice problems.

It's sad that when a player is a fighter that's all he is and if he dies at a young age that is why. Plenty of NHL players get into multiple fights a season Milian Lucic, and Jarome Iginla are a few that come to mind. We don't hear talk about them because they are superstars they aren't just "fighters". It's different when your job is solely to fight when you take punches every night on the ice and off from media members most who have never played the game who can't understand the role that these players play. They are an important part to their team they are role guys locker room guys that bring a team together. Case in point the Bruins would not have won the Stanley Cup without Shawn Thornton, but to these media members that doesn't matter; they are fighters and they ruin the game.

Fighters dont ruin the game and fighting doesn't ruin the game, and it certainly doesn't add to concussions in the sport. If people want concussions out of hockey then hitting needs to go as well as fighting. The game needs to be fundamentally changed if you want fighting and concussions out. Fighting protects players keeps players honest, and in most cases prevents more injuries than it causes but media members who hate fighting will never see this. These media members will continue to use tragedy to push their own agendas. Rick Rypien would be the first to tell you along with the late Derek Boogaurd that they loved their job and would do anything to keep it, they knew how important they were and what fighting does for the game. Ask any former pro I myself asked Phill Russell 15 year NHL veteran and he said fighting kept other players safe and honest and it shouldnt leave the game.

Its sad having to write a blog to vilify certain people when all that should be focused on was the fact that the NHL and the world lost a great person way too soon. He should be in everyone's memory not everyone's article to push what they think this game should be. I'm going to end this, rest in peace Rick.

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