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Just Win Baby

All the talk surrounding the Buffalo Sabres and in many ways the NHL the past few days if of Milan Lucic running Ryan Miller, and his non-suspension by NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan. The discussions of goalie safety and whether or not the rules prevent goaltenders from being hit outside of the crease are rampant. But frankly, I'm sick of it all ready.

The Buffalo Sabres reacted horribly to the incident. They skated over towards Lucic with fervor and then sorta just stood there, staring at the Bruins hulking menace, not any of them having the gall to plant their fist into his face. Well maybe it was just because the PP unit was on the ice right? Well, no, in fact as the game wore on the Sabres had plenty of shifts with their so called bruisers on the ice and nobody ever physically challenged Lucic or any of the other Bruins who had their way with the sheepish Sabres that night.

Ok so they blew it that night, they didn't defend their goalie, or their teammates, but it's over. That game ended on Saturday night, you need to have a short term memory in professional sports. Miller will be out a while recovering from a concussion, but that's sports. Other players have to step up, and trust me, Enroth will.

The important thing Sabre nation has to come to grips with is you can't make up for the Bruins game by running other teams goalies, or throwing your body around wantonly to take out your frustration. The best way to get back at Boston is to finish ahead of them. The Sabres just need to concentrate on winning hockey games. Al Davis summed up best, Just win baby.

So enough about Milan Lucic, the guy is a punk, we all know that, and frankly I'd love him if he were on my team. It is very unfortunate that Miller sustained an inury, and it is sad that Brendan Shanahan declined to suspend Lucic, but the bottom line is those things are out of the Sabres control. So stop whining and play hockey, the best revenge is living well, and for Buffalo that means winning hockey games and finishing ahead of Boston in the Northeast.

Brandon Hess
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